Laura was like a cloak to me;
as warm and comforting as a cloak should be -
making every day a mystery. And then she said, “Goodbye”.

Jenny was like a healing fire,
with a voice just like an angel choir -
making my heart burn with pure desire.
And then she said, “Goodbye”.

Too many lovers in a life, they come and go;
just making love and then making tracks.
Soft to touch, but hard to hold -
they go for a walk and they don’t walk back.

One day, I know, she will come my way;
bringing a warmer night and a cooler day.
We will build our life like a sculpter molds her clay.
And we’ll never say goodbye.

And I’m waiting for the girl who will never say good bye.
Little girl, don’t ever say goodbye. Never say goodbye.

Music by Kurt Elling and Laurence Hobgood
Words by Kurt Elling


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