〔Hydrogen〕<----{ from the outer space }

          mists and clouds in the Atmosphere
         〔Oxygen〕 <---- {a magnetic field } 
      { Rain Drops Fall Down }

And that means the Rain Drops will always fall down
in that specific area with thicker Oxygen.

And that's the reason why the rain forests will always have plenty of
rain, while deserts almost never rain.

So, we can plant waterweeds, especially Egeria densa (Willd.) Planch,
in water field to get much more Oxygen.

Or we can plant weeds and trees with green leaves on land to get much
more Oxygen.

~~To get much more Rain to get Cooler~~
The soonest way for us To get much more Rain to get Cooler
is that we can use oxygen cylinders to spread Oxygen in an area
to form a Oxygen magnetic field to open the invisible hydrants in
the Air.


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