Song featured in Michael’s first movie, The Wiz, an all-black remake of
The Wizard Of Oz with Diana Ross in the starring role, as Dorothy.
Michael played the part of the scarecrow, and among his co-stars were:
Lena Horne (Glinda, the good witch), Richard Pryor (the Wiz), Ted
Ross (the cowardly lion) and Nipsey Russell (the tin man).Movie premiered in 1978, and was accompanied by a double
soundtrack album that achieved no.17 on the R&B albums chart in the
USA, and no.40 on the pop albums chart.Credited to ‘The Wiz Stars’, released as a single in several continental
European countries (but not the UK or USA), going all the way to no.1
in Holland and Belgium – where it kept Michael’s Don’t Stop ‘Til You
Get Enough out of the top slot.

Pre-Motown recording by the Jackson 5 first heard in 1993, when it
featured on a Japanese release, BIG BOY; later the same year, included
on THE JACKSON FIVE FEATURING MICHAEL  JACKSON, issued on the Stardust label in the UK/Europe.
Two versions released, an over-dubbed extended remix and the track as
it was originally recorded, way back in 1965-7.
Written and originally recorded by Sam Cooke, for his album AIN’T
THAT GOOD NEWS, as a response to Bob Dylan’s Blowin’ In The Wind. Sam’s version achieved no.9 on the R&B singles chart in the
States in early 1965. It peaked at no.31 on the Hot 100 but failed to
chart in the UK.


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