The ubiquitous keyword mode of Internet search technique is about to be taken over by a new breed of semantic search technology, according to analysts at research firm Ovum.


While keyword search remains the most popular method, it is usually not accurate, with users sometimes getting up to 30,000 hits on a search and then having to sift through a list of loosely related keyword results to find relevant documents.


" Unlike ranking algorithms such as Google’s PageRank for predicting relevancy, semantic search dips into the meaning in language to produce highly relevant search results," according to a report published by Ovum analysts Mike Davis and Madan Sheina.


Notable semantic web providers singled out by the analysts include Expert System, Powerset, Yedda, Trovix and Hakia.

這兩位分析師挑選出值得注意的語意網頁供應商,包括Expert System、Powerset、Yedda、Trovix以及Hakia等。

In the case of Expert System, its application, called Cogito, is designed around the principles of human comprehension to allow content to be understood in the way in which the author intended it to be. This is something that keyword search ignores.

以Expert System的個案說,它的應用程式稱為Cogito,其設計原則環繞在人類理解力,能夠讓內容依作者想要的方式而被人理解。這一點是關鍵字搜尋所忽視的。

新聞辭典 Dictionary

sift:動詞,篩;過濾。例句:Sift the flour before making the cake.(做蛋糕前先把麵粉篩一下。)

dip into:片語,稍加研究;隨便翻閱、瀏覽。例句:Thank you for the book. I’ll dip into it this evening.(謝謝你給我這本書,今天晚上我要瀏覽一下。)

comprehension:名詞,理解;理解力。例句:The problem is beyond my comprehension.(這個問題我無法理解。)


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