☑If you want something badly enough, you can get it

☑Be overly prepared

☑Great minds ask great questions

☑Believe in what you are doing

☑You are as good as your genes

☑Stop tring to do it all

☑Remain calm

☑A wise person Knows that she cannot know everything

☑Don't be afraid of tomorrow

☑Everyone is selling something

☑Time should be spent solving problems, not worring about them

☑When time is wasted, life is wasted

☑Never judge before you see

☑If you learn something for the third time, it would be wise to remember it

☑Laugh with but never laugh at

☑The truth is in you

☑Live a life well lived

☑It takes a wise person to recognize another wise person

☑Get up and go

☑Learn to make good choices

☑Your memories make you wealthy or poor

☑Buy a toy for yourself

☑Always toss a coin in a wishing well

☑Help yourself first, then ask others to help you

☑Some people just know more

☑Look for simple solutions first

☑The higher you go, the better the view

☑Open your eyes


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