Loneliness and coldness are often associated in everyday language, but psychologists have found that social isolation does make people feel cold.


The University of Toronto team found people feeling excluded said a room was colder than those feeling included. And people who felt left out also chose comforting hot soup, rather than an apple or soft drink.

多倫多大學團隊發現,感覺被排斥的人們,比感覺獲融入的人,覺得一間房間比較冷。感覺被排除的人,也會選擇撫慰人心的熱湯,而非蘋果或飲料 。

A UK psychologist said the findings could help people feeling isolated, particularly in the winter months. The team suggests the findings could be used to treat people’s feelings of sadness or loneliness.

一名英國心理學家說,這項發現可協助感覺被孤立的人,特別是在冬天的月份。該團隊指出,這份研究可被用來治療人們傷心或寂寞的感覺 。

Writing in the journal, published by the American Association of Psychological Science, they say: "An interesting direction for research would be to determine whether experiencing the warmth of an object could reduce the negative experience of social exclusion.

他們在美國心理學協會發表的期刊中表示,一個有趣的研究方向,會是判定感受一個物體的溫暖,是否可以降低社交上被排斥的負面經驗 。

They also suggest that raising the temperature could help someone who is feeling low.

他們也暗示,提高溫度可以幫助感覺低潮的人 。

They added: "Research on this disorder has predominantly focused on the connection between reduced daylight and increased likelihood of winter depression, although some evidence supports the idea that reduced temperature also contributes to an increase in depressive experience.



exclude:動詞,把……排除在外;不包括。例句:The club excluded women from membership.(該俱樂部拒絕婦女入會。)

leave out︰片語,遺漏。

low︰形容詞, 沒有精神的,情緒低落的。例句:I’ve been feeling low all week.(我整個星期都情緒不高。)


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